Changes to Player Template

I inadverdently used the master template to create a course and now I want to change the player template so that the navigation pane on the left of the screen does not show up in the course.  If I try to make changes to the template, it states that it is a master template and to rename the new template which of course simply creates a new player template without the course materials.  How can I solve this problem?


Jim Smith

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Zara Ogden

It shouln't take away your content.

I make a template for each individual program I create. I leave navigation open during editing and when I am going to do a final publish I make edits to the template and then save it. 

Unless you are referring to the preview mode inside the template options. That will not display your content. Save the template in an original name then close the player template area. Preview a few slide from the main articulate menu and it should be golden...

Hope that helps.