Chaptering a long course for "Chunked Learning"

Sep 25, 2013

We are interested in breaking out some of our longer courses into smaller segments or chapters. I checked with our LMS because some of their other authors have courses that play in this manner. They indicated Articulate has this ability but I don't find anything in the forum or blogs regarding this. Perhaps I'm just not using the best keywords in the search box? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Carla! I'm not sure of exactly what you are wanting to do, but here are some great links that may help you:

Are you looking to do something like this?
Grouping Presentations With A Menu – The Easy Way - Dave Moxon's Articulate eLearning Blog

You could create one presentation and use slide levels to break up the course into smaller segments:
Presenter '09 | Selecting Slide Properties

Here's another example of how to use a menu:
Create A Menu For Multiple Presentations - Dave Moxon's Articulate eLearning Blog

You can take a large course and break it down by following the steps here:
Create multiple versions or copies of a presentation – Articulate Presenter ’09 Knowledge Base

Carla Kelley-Gonzales

Thanks for getting back to me! What I'm thinking is something like the basic menu in Dave's example: Chapter 1. Getting Started Chapter 2.  Preparation etc when you click on the Getting Started link it would play that portion of the course, when the user finishes it they can go to Chapter 2 etc.  However, it has to work in our LMS which the article said that it might not? That's the key, it has to work! Are there limitations using this method to tracking? I'm fine with the entire course not being considered complete until all sections are done?

I've attached a sample course (not one of ours) that is on our LMS. This is what we are trying to achieve. Currently I upload a zip file for the course and whatever components are in that zip file work on the LMS...Maybe I'm just not understanding?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Carla! I'm assuming you are referencing this:

  • If this is going on an LMS, you wil not be able to track individual quizzes within each content presentation but it could track to see if all web objects have been viewed, or you could have a final quiz at the back of your menu presentation.

This is not due to the set-up that is being done, but is how Presenter works with the LMS.

You can find an unsupported method here if you'd like to try that. 

Perhaps others in the community would be able to chime in as well.

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