Character Morph in PowerPoint

Jul 28, 2023

Hello,  I am using the Articulate add in for PowerPoint to create a video that will be added to a Storyline file.  When I add photo characters from Articulate into PPT, change the pose, and apply the morph transition, my characters flip around instead of a faded type of morph I have done on other images that are not the same.  I am wondering if anyone can tell me why that is happening, and if there is a way to improve it.  

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Phil Haley

Hello Chris,

It seems, in my experience, the Morph transition works quite well with shapes, but not so well with images. I filled shapes with the characters and, while not great, at least the characters don't flip around. I also changed the original transition to Fade. They're similar. I don't know which I would choose to go with. 

Hope this helps,