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The recent Word of Mouth Article about Gerry Wasiluk got me thinking…

Ever since I began working with Articulate and joined this community, I have seen my skills grow faster than any other point in my career. The many staff and community members that have impacted me over the past year have become more than I could even list at this point (of course, Gerry is one of them!)

What I would like to do is take a minute to call out someone whose work has impacted me the most. When I look through my courses I can see her influences all over the place. Kind of like how Hendrix influenced SRV and The Beatles influenced… everybody since. When you admire something, it’s hard to not have elements of it shine through your work.  

Many of you have unknowingly affected me on my journey, but today I would like to specifically thank Stephanie Harnett, who has no idea who I am, who lives in another country, and whose work continues to inspire me on a regular basis.  

Thank you, Stephanie! I hope you walk around today feeling like the rock star you are.

So what about the rest of you? Who here has changed your game?

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Stephanie Harnett

Hi Natalia! Thank you for taking the time to write this note and for your kind words. It makes me very happy that you have found ways to leverage the tips and techniques shared not just by me, but others as well in this community. It is how we learn to become better - by sharing, doing, trying, testing and then sharing once again.

I'm not just walking around feeling like a rock star - I'm skipping, dancing and periodically throwing in a little bit of whistling too! Thanks for making my day!