Completion anomaly based on viewing slide durations in full?

Nov 01, 2012

I've never heard of this before but here goes:

A learner says that if they complete a course by hitting the pass score and without viewing every slide for its full duration then the LMS will say the course remains incomplete.  But if they retake it and pass plus view every slide to its full duration then they get the completion tick.

I can't see how this is possible.  

Putting aside any of the publishing properties (i.e. number of slides viewed VS quiz score), there is no way that slide durations can impact anything like this?


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Simon!

From what you've described, It sounds like the tracking may be a bit off with your LMS. David Fair recently posted an extremely informative article that may help clear up this problem. Check it out here. The main point in the article you're going to want to review for this particular problem is "Course doesn't track or resume properly in your LMS". It covers the settings that effect courses as showing complete and incomplete.

If you've read the article and tried the solutions, but the completion status is still not functioning properly for your user, please let us know!


Have a great day,


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