Completion data - view all slides AND get quiz score to LMS?

Jul 02, 2013

If your course completion criteria on publishing in articulate is set to 'view all slides' is there a way to have the lms also receive a quiz mark within the course? I believe the only way to get the quiz mark currently handed off to the lms is if the completion critieria is set to 'pass quiz' option. At this point it appears its one piece of data (course viewed/completed) or the other (quiz passed and mark) but not both in terms of the 'hand-off' data to the lms.
In my compliance training world, it would be ideal if I could set course completion to view all slides AND then also have the quiz mark/score pass through as well. We are using Sumtotal Maestro LMS.
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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mathew!

Articulate Presenter lets you track a course either by the number of slides viewed or by a single quiz. Tracking both measurements for the same course isn't supported. Similarly, tracking multiple quizzes in the same course isn't supported. However, you may be able to track multiple measurements for a course using one of the unsupported methods in this article.

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