Converting from Articulate Presenter 09 to 360 Translations getting scrambled

Hi there - I had to add a slide to an existing course that was designed 2 years ago in Presenter '09.  We are now on Articulate 360.  The course was in multiple languages.  I am having problems with the Arabic version now.  The PPT still displays the translated text correctly, but when I go to publish the text is scrambled.  This course published correctly in Presenter '09.  Any thoughts?  

Thank You!!!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Natalie.  Thanks for bringing this up.  I wouldn't want other folks not seeing their Arabic text correctly in Review.  

Would you be interested in working with our support team to make sure your courses work on Review as expected?  If you can share your file, you can attach it in this form with a description of what you have done up to this point.

Natalie Baumstark

Thanks Crystal... I will do that when I get a moment. We've been experimenting a little more and now I think it is an HMTL5/browser issue not an Articulate Review issue.  The Arabic and Urdu languages display correctly as HTML5 courses in Chrome, but are scrambled in Microsoft Explorer or Edge.