Course Identifier field in Studio 13


I have small confusion.

I do understand from blogs that, the Identifier field is a unique string of characters assigned by Presenter. And LMS uses it to identify content. If we're republishing a presentation that's already in LMS, we shouldn't change the value in this field.

But here I see that we have 2 Identifier fields. One under LMS Course Information and other under section LMS Lesson SCORM Information.

Can anyone help me here with my confusion - Which is the actual one which interacts with LMS ?

Thanks in advance.




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Christie Pollick

Hi, Shyam -- It would appear to me, according to this info sheet (under Step 2, #4) that if you click on the Project Info button, you will be able to see within that window which Identifier is actually interacting with your LMS. Does that make sense? If not, you are welcome to share your Presenter Package and I will gladly take a look. :)

Shyam Saha

Hi Christie,

Step 2: Enter Additional Project Info for the Articulate Mobile Player (Optional) - Seems to be specific for Mobile Player.

There also I see another Identifier.

Now, Is that the one which is there under Project Info - Interacts with LMS ?

If so, is it similar to Identifier under LMS Course Information or LMS Lesson SCORM Information. Or the above one (under Project info) is totally different ?

I am looking for this to understand the concept, I don't have a file now.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shyam,

That section of the article Christie linked to is where you can add more information for the Mobile Player, but all the info there isn't just used solely in the mobile player as I understand it. In the tutorial you'll see that the "project info" and the "lms course information" are at the same value - so those two are connected and the default identifier. If you're publishing for SCORM (vs. Tin Can, AICC, web, etc.), the extra fields for LMS Lesson Scorm information are added, and then it will default to the identifier there. So only one is going to be referenced and it'll depend on your publish method.

Hope that helps!