Create a link that opens in the same browser window?

Dec 03, 2013

The problem I'm trying to solve is giving our user a button or link at the end of the course that will automatically take the user to the next course.

My first attempt was to insert a hyperlink in Power Point, but it always opens in a new browser window.  I would much prefer it open in the same browser so that the user can continue the same experience.

My second attempt was to create a web-object.  However, in Presenter '13, there is no option to edit a web-object that you have created.  This made it cumbersome to work with.

Another problem, is that in Presenter '13 there is no way to insert a web object without it automatically opening.  Even if I uncheck the box that says "Load web object automatically" it still automatically takes me to the link in the web object when I open that slide.

Another problem, is that I want to use a relative link, where the domain is pulled from the current domain.

"/class2.html" instead of "", for example.  However, web objects will not allow a relative link, it has to be a static link.

In Storyline, I can create the web objects, edit them at any time, and they don't automatically load when I uncheck the box "Load web object automatically".  I still can't do a relative link.

Maybe there is a better way to link to the next class?  Maybe there is a solution to some of these specific problems I'm trying to work through?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Dan,

I might be walking a little on the "silly" side by suggesting this but...

If you intend to have learners complete multiple courses and connect those courses, without disturbing the project they have open, this may be an option for this that may work for you. What about housing the courses in one course itself. For example, you could have slides leading to the different courses and within those slides, web objects that load the projects within the slides. You could even hyperlink to other slides, that contain the additional courses.

When learners complete the first course, they can move on to the next section or slide that contains the next course and so on. 

You're right that the functionality isn't quite the same as Storyline's web objects, and I can't offer any tips for the relative links, but I thought this might be an option. I think this would work very well, especially if you have many projects that learners will want to access but remain in one, unified project. 

Just a thought :)

I'd love to hear some other suggestions for this!

Maggie Merino

Dan, I am trying to do the same thing you are. I want a link to be able to open up anohter project but in the same window. I tried adding a trigger to close the initial project when the user clicks the link, but it will still prompt the user for confirmation to close the first window so there is no smooth flow. Did you ever figure out a solution for this?

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