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Apr 02, 2013

I just got a new PC with Windows 7.  My old PC used Windows XP.  I created several custom templates in Windows XP, but they were not transferred to my new PC when Articulate Studio '09 was loaded.  Where on my old PC will I find these custom templates?  Where on my new PC should I store them?


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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, John!

Here's how you can find the template files and move them to your new machine:

  1. Navigate to the location on your computer where your player templates are stored. (Click here to determine where they're located.)
  2. Find the .xml file that matches the template you want to share.
  3. Send a copy of that file to yourself and place it in the location listed in the article above for your operating system, where Presenter templates are stored.

When you're ready to use the template on the new machine, open PowerPoint and click Articulate>Player Templates. The new templates will appear in the available player templates, accessible via the drop-down at the bottom of the window.

John Lamble


Thanks for the information.  After my ID suppport guys tried all of the suggestions in the article referenced in your reply, we tried something different.  We created a new template with a unique name, then searched to find where Articulate put it in Windows 7.  We found it in C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Articulate\Shared\1.0\PlayerTemplates\SmoothFrame.  Even then, only the templates with the .playertemplate extension are visible to Articulate.  In any case, with your help as a starting point, the IT guys were able to figure it out. 

Thanks again,


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