Customized template nightmare

Jul 12, 2011

I customized template colors and labels in articulate Presenter '09. Saved new template and used it in several presentations. After a while, I wanted to change some settings: remove "Powered by" logo, remove attachments link and change one label. I saved the template again, after I changed those. After I published the first presentation, I noticed that colors reverted to defaults!!! Luckily, I backed up template XML file so I loaded it again and my custom colors appeared again. Attachments and "Display Powered by logo" options were still unchecked. When I did the preview, I noticed that Attachments and Powerd by logo were shown!!! So I turned those two options on and off again and did the preview again. Now all text labels disappeared!!! I read somewhere that I have to switch to English settings for labels so I did it but those were default lables and not my custom labels. OMG!!! After changing all those settings, reloading template several times, several times did the publish etc... I finally got it to work on first presentation. I saved the template again. I published for LMS (SCORM 1.2). When I opened published presentation, I noticed that my presentation is scaling to the browser windows size, browser window is not opening in optimal size and user is allowed to resize browser window although I selected the oposite options. Aaaaaaa, my time is very expensive! I'm obviousely doing something wrong or missing something important. Did anyone have similar problems with player templates? Can anyone help?

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Zoran Jancic

Now I noticed I can't change one label in one presentation. It looks like it is changed, saved the template, selected correct template for publish but in published version there is old label. I can' find that old label in any template XML!!! It looks like it's stuck in ppta and can't be replaced with another value!!! the problem is that the label is to long so it looks bad when wraped in 3 lines in seek bar. My deadline has passed 10 min. ago. I'm baked.

Zoran Jancic

OK, I figured out how to replace this sticky label. Made a copy of a template file, loaded new XML template file and that did the trick. Still have to struggle with template options in every single presentation. Publishing is just taking too long when working this way. This is not rapid development any more :(

articulate, please help!

Zoran Jancic

OK, I'm not sure I'm following you. Let me rephrase... I open presentation, load custom template, make changes and then publish without saving the template and without preview. After the publish is finished, I can save the template for later use. Is that correct? I guess I have to use different template name every time I save the template because overwrite will get me into trouble as written at the begging of this thread. If I understood well, I can't use preview with custom templates. Publish can take a very long time so if something went wrong, I won't  see that until the publish is finished? Is there any step-by-step guide in updating custom templates to avoid unnecessarily repeating the process because the tool didn't accept all changes?

Zoran Jancic

Brian Batt said:

Hi Zoran,

When you click on the Preview button, you should see a dropdown box in the upper right hand corner of the window with the Player Template name.  You should be able to select your Player Template and preview your custom player template.

Yeah, well, that's the core of the problem. Preview doesn't reflect all changes made to the template.

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