Customizing Presenter 13 Player

Several issues:

  1. It appears that you can NOT change the player font COLOR, correct? 
  2. How do you change the background of the Sidebar?  I can't find anything that seems to change that, only the Top, Bottom, and Page background. 
  3. I've uploaded a transparent logo, but it appears to have a white background when displayed in the player (default gray Sidebar background)
  4. Can you change the button and seek bar colors?  Again, it appears you cannot.

From what I can tell, the player color customizations are pretty limited in Studio 13  Example - you can't use a dark player and display the module title (default is black).  Please advise if there are more options than I am seeing and what your tutorial covers!

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Mike Taylor

Hi Patty and welcome to the community! 

1. There are several different settings for player font colors. The course title can be adjusted via "Base>>Link Text"

2. Depending on exactly what you want to change in the sidebar you can adjust the "Menu" and/or the "Base >>Left Pane Background" 

3. You could simulate the transparent logo background by making it the same color as what the sidebar bg color is. 

4.  Button colors can be changed via "Button>>Normal Background"  There is a setting for a top and a bottom color.  (you can also adjust the Down background and Hover background colors of the buttons too)