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Jul 23, 2013

I have been asked to create an e-learning course. The title is Payment Card Industry Compliandce Training. It's a course that focues on the standards and requirements that businesses must follow when handling credit cards in order to ensure that they maintain the hightest information security standards. I have several ideas in mind for the design and I'm still gathering information from my SME's. The topic areas or modules include:

PCI - Partners Standards

o   Data Entry into Partners Electronic Equipment

o   Storage of Confidential Information

o   How to Keep Cardholders Primary Account Number Confidential

o   Patient Account Numbers - Do’s and Don’ts

o   Written Patient Account Numbers

Supervisor Responsibilities

Record Management – Destruction, Masking and Retention

Third Party Off-Site Storage Precautions

Inventory Control

I am looking to do something like having six credit cards with a grappic on each representing the above items, Then when a learner click on a card it will take them to the information, activity, exercises etc....then when they complete it, the graphic would refect hidden state and then go on to the next etc...

Any suggestions that you have regarding this training project would be helpful.

Vin Santilli

Partners HealthCare System

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Tom Kuhlmann

If it's a performance-based course where you expect their behaviors to change, then perhaps a series of interactive scenarios where they learn the key information through a relevant situation and practice making the types of decisions you want them to make.

If it's information-based, then a solution may be to start with a simple case studio scenario where you present the adverse effects of not complying. Example: What happens if patient accounts are handled improperly. Perhaps you start with a simple story of something that went wrong. This shows why the content is important. And then provide the information to make changes.

A CSI approach could kind of cool. Pretend like you're an auditor who has to discover the cause of certain issues. 

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