Double Audio Problem

I REALLY hope someone can help me. I don't know what else to try.

I have 2 slides that when published, play 2 audio tracks at the same time. 

I have checked the source audio and it is fine.

I have removed the audio files and re-imported them, followed by a republish.

When it was still there, I fully deleted the 2 slides it's happening on, pasted the images/animations back on, reimported the audio, resynced and republish.

There are still 2 tracks of audio playing at the same time.

Can anyone tell me what is happening or how to fix it?!

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Natalia.

If you publish your presentation and notice that some audio is overlapping or is duplicated on slides that it should not be playing on, please review the following article for known issues and solutions to this issue:

If you are using PowerPoint 2007, you may also need to verify that the text boxes and other objects on the affected slide(s) are not named with special characters. Here's how:

1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint 2007, and navigate to the slide where this issue occurs or begins.
2. Select the Home tab on the PowerPoint toolbar (ribbon).
3. Click on the Select drop-down list (in the Editing group), and choose Selection Pane.
4. In the Selection Pane, double-click the names of the shapes that contain special characters (e.g., accent marks, asterisks, quotation marks, etc.), and rename them with alpha-numeric characters only.
5. Save your presentation, and republish it.

Note that PowerPoint versions prior to 2007 do not include the Selection Pane feature.

If this issue persists, create a new folder on your desktop, and republish your presentation to the new folder. Sometimes, when you republish projects to the same folder over and over, the contents do not update properly.

Susie So

I am having some double playing audio issue in Storyline. The problem is not consistent every time when I load the same published course. It's really random how the audio is duplicated with the correct and incorrect feedback layers.

I am not using the quiz template but I am using a customized quiz that I've developed using layers, radio buttons with triggers and variables.

Please help.



Katie Kelzer


I was wondering if anybody can troubleshoot issues with duplicate audio appearing on Quizmaker '13 slides. In preview mode, the quiz is fine and the audio works normally. In published mode, there are duplicate audios appearing on every quiz slide. I have tried to republish, recreate the quiz (doing so by NOT copying over the data in case that was the issue) from scratch, rename the quiz without spaces or special characters, and I've doubled checked the original audio files to make sure that was not the underlying issue.

Does anybody have any suggestions or another help document to lead me to?

Thank you,