Embedded Video Playback Issue

I have found that embedded video files in Articulate 13 and 360 can be stopped during playback by clicking on the window of the player, not just on the play/pause/seekbar buttons. When you click on the window of the player the timeline (seekbar) keeps moving along, but the video file has been paused. After the timeline (seekbar) completes and if your video is set for Automatic playback  the next slide advances but that paused video never finished playing it's content, because it is paused. Does anybody know how to correct this issue in Articulate 13 and/or 360 modules?

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Ronald Johnson

This video is what happens to our content in the player window. This is prior to being placed in an LMS. We just want to see how to prevent a learner from stopping or pausing the video by clicking on the video. They should only have control of the video by pressing the play/pause buttons. BTW Articulate 9 embedded videos do not behave this way.