Normal Behavior for Embedded MP4 Videos?

Sep 28, 2015

A client was testing an Articulate 13 SCORM module that has embedded MP4 videos. During playback, she clicked on the video, and it paused, even though the scroll bar in the player continued moving. Clicking the video a second time resumes playing the video where it left off.

The video was embedded without player controls.

Is this normal behavior or a bug?


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Dave -- Thanks for your patience while I tested your file. I saw the same behavior you described when I viewed your video and also when I inserted an MP4 onto a separate test slide. The progress bar kept advancing when I clicked on the video to pause it, but not when I clicked on the actual pause button on the player. I do not believe this to be a bug, but I will double check with colleagues to be on the safe side, and I will follow up here shortly. 

Christie Pollick

Hello again, Dave -- Yes, I was able to confirm that this is not a bug, but there is something you can try so that the learner will be unable to click on the video itself.

It was suggested that you place a transparent shape over the video itself ( roughly 99%) and then the user will not have the ability to pause the video by clicking on top of it. Hope that helps and please let us know if we can be of further assistance. :) 

Dave Neuweiler

Thanks Christie. The transparent shape is a good thought, although I don't see how it can work; the embedded video is by default the top layer, and you can't put anything on top of it.

But no matter -- the question is answered; the client is satisfied with the work as it stands, and all is good.

Thanks for checking!

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Will - This thread is a bit dated, but I wanted to understand if you were experiencing something outside of our expectations in this documentation:

Videos will be automatically synchronized with the slide and controlled by the timeline (although you can provide a separate playbar for videos). If you want to insert an interactive SWF file that plays independently of the slide and isn't controlled by the timeline, insert it as a Flash file.

Katherine Murphy

This is reproducible.  If you have a video on a timeline, and your user rolls over that video, the mouse turns into a hand (first of all, I don't want that to happen).  THEN if your user clicks on the video, it will pause.  EVEN WORSE, if you leave it like that, your whole timeline will just march ahead with this video paused.  If your user clicks on the video a second time, it resumes playback - where it left off!  Yikes.

We have two movies of animated character "announcers" playing.  The whole piece just runs, like a movie, for a considerable portion of the experience.  If you pause one of them during the "conversation" because you are surprised your mouse turned into a hand...

I know most threads on this community languish unsolved for years on end (scrubbing the timeline, anyone?), but come on.

Will Findlay

I was once advised not to use the seekbar when I insert a video, but instead include the video controls. Fast forward to the Closed Caption feature and I thought it was humorous that in Arlyn's video about 1:07 in, he shows a video synced up with the seekbar:

But what happens if he had clicked the video on the slide in his example? The video would have paused and the seekbar would have marched ahead.

Will Findlay

You can see this effect by using Mike Hinze's Closed Captions demo. While the video is playing, click the video. The seekbar will keep moving, and the play button button will still be in "click-to-pause" mode. For the life of me I can't think of any situation where you would want it to behave like this, so I'd love to hear if people have taken advantage of it acting like this. 

Fortunately, the Closed Captions do pause though, so that is good.

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