Emphasized (Bold/Italic/Colored) Font Not Publishing Correctly

Apr 13, 2014

My setup:  Windows 7, Studio 2013, Powerpoint 2010.

I run into a font issue so frequently in my presentation, I can't believe Articulate did not catch it in testing, thus I wonder if this is some type of setting or font issue.  When I Bold, Underline, or change the font color of a word or phrase (not the entire line or sentence) in a powerpoint text box, when it gets published for Articulate Online (no HTML5, no iPad) there are spaces inserted before and after the text on the screen.  This is a 2009 PPTA that I converted to Studio 2013.  In an HTML analogy it looks something like this:

This is <BOLD TEXT> in line.  Gets published as This is <   BOLD TEXT   > text inline.

Same thing for underlined text.  I tried replacing the bold with a different color text, and the same problem occurs.  When I remove the emphasis (bold or underline or color) everything renders correctly.  Anyone else run into this problem?  I submitted a ticket, but haven't heard back yet.



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Bob J


Wanted to let others know that this issue was caused by having the laptop screen resolution not set to 96 DPI.  Who would have guessed?  This also fixed an issue I had when editing Quiz answer text where the cursor did not track with the location the editing was taking place.  I did not realize 96 DPI was a requirement for Presenter, and wanted to keep others from having similar issues.  Apparently, changing your screen DPI (making fonts larger so they are easier to see on the newer high-def screens) is a big "no-no" for Presenter, and can lead to all kinds of obtuse problems.  A big thank you to Karla for quickly finding this issue.  Outstanding job of troubleshooting (and fast too)!!

As we move to higher resolution screens I suspect this will become a more common problem for Presenter users, as higher resolution (smaller pixels) screens render 10 point fonts at about the size of previous 8 point or 6 point fonts (depending on the resolution of your previous screen) making text much more difficult to read, and leading users to increase screen font sizes.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi David!

I'm assuming that you are referring to Studio '13. Are you running the latest update, which is update 4? There have been many improvements to HTML5 with each update, so I want to be sure that you are utilizing the latest one

If this does not assist you, please send your Articulate Package along with the details of the issue that you are experiencing.

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