engage files won't update

May 11, 2012

I have recently made modifications to several engage interactions within my Powerpoint/Articulate presentation but when I re-publish, the updates are not in the displayed in the re-published presentation.  I can see the updates when I preview the presentation within the Powerpoint but after re-publishing i cannot see them when prompted to "View Presentation" in the publish successful screen.   I have said "yes" to the overright question.  Any thoughts? 


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Alan Beadle

I am having problems with Engage interactions intermittently not updating when I republish. My PC is running Windows 7 and I am using PowerPoint 2010 (32 bit) with Studio 09. The version of Engage is V2.3 1103.112.

Initially I thought the problem was due to using Avast anti-virus software, so I removed this and replaced it with AVG. The problem is still occurring so I checked that Engage/Quizmaker interactions were set to update when republishing (they were). I also checked that PowerPoint had no disabled Add-Ins (none) and checked that the Articulate COM Add-Ins were ticked (they were).

I'm working to a very tight deadline.

Please can you suggest anything else?

Marie Romani


I have the same problem as Alan above.

I have updated the presenter options to always update quizzes and engage files

There are no missing add-ins

I have saved the entire presentation in a different location

I have tried to publish to a different location

When I open the engage file from PPT or directly from the source, I can see the updated version, however when I publish, some files are updated but for some, the old versions is displayed..

Any solutions ? ( I cant upload the project as it is confidential)

Marie Romani

I have tried to store the project on my C drive, the engage files however are on a common server as several people have to work with them... and if I move them I will have to reconnect them again.

i guess I will have to move the engage files aswell... this thing about having to store in C to get things to work properly is a mess when several people are working on a project :(

Peter Anderson

Hi Marie

When working on an Articulate Presenter presentation in a collaborative environment with other developers, we recommend using the workflow described here to avoid loss of resources, file corruption, and other erratic behavior. 

I hope that helps minimize issues with your Engage files. Let us know if you continue running into trouble. 

Thanks, Marie!

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