Engage Glossary Locacted on Nav Panel?

Apr 03, 2013

I currently have an Engage Glossary as a player tab; unfortunately, the inserted web objects sit on top of the glossary when it is opened. I have tried the WebObjectFix solution but I periodically get "script errors" that appear to be related to WebObjectFix.

Is anyone else experiencing script errors with WebObjectFix?

Is there some way of putting the Glossary on the left-hand navigation panel?

Is there some other way of showing the Glossary that I'm missing?


p.s. I've read the 5 glossary's post

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Keith Kemsley

Thanks for the quick reply, Phil.

I really liked WebObjectFix but the periodic script errors were a problem for the client. The errors have gone away now that I've removed it.

I was hoping there was a relatively easy way to add the glossary as a tab on the left-hand nav bar, but it sounds like that's not the case.

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