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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karen, 

Are you still using Presenter 09 or did you upgrade to Presenter 13?  If you're using Presenter 09 still, do you know what update you're on? I'd look at ensuring you're on the latest update here.  Is it only when using the audio option that you're seeing this - or when you try to insert anything into your project? Are you trying to insert audio from the Powerpoint insert or the Presenter tab/ribbon where you can insert audio?  

You may also want to review the notes here about if the file is unable to open entirely. 

Karen Lausier

Hi Reply:

I loaded Articulate Studio 9 and my license is for Studio 9, but it seems like my associate produced using Articulate Studio 13. Hence, the issue. I’m trying to upgrade to Studio 13 now! Thanks for the speedy response.



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