Examples of instructional "tutorials"


Does anyone have any tips or examples of "instructional slides" they have used that walk users through the basic features of their course (i.e. how to navigate, find resources etc.)

I'm creating a series of "sessions" for a course and would like to create a little instructional tutorial for the first one that highlights how to use the basic features of presenter etc. I'd love to see some examples so I don't have to completely re-create the wheel if possible.

Many thanks!


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi FC, and welcome to Heroes! I really like the way e-Mersion added the "How to Navigate" tab on the upper edge of the course player in this example.  (They used in Engage Labeled Graphic to build that, and they published it to their presentation as a player tab. You can find out more about how to add an Engage interaction to a tab in this tutorial.)

Here's another example of a similar idea in a course built by EVision Design.

Awhile back, a couple folks in the Articulate community shared their how-to-navigate interactions, and you can download them if you want to adapt them for your own use. You can find Jade's here and Tracy's here.

You might also want to check out this recent thread where folks discussed some best practices for including navigation instructions in their courses.

Hope that helps! :)

Michael McHale

Hi FC, I have used two approaches, the first I use a similar concept to the ones cited by Jeanette along with an Engage FAQ. Using an FAQ as a tab has the advantage that it is always accessible regardless of where the learner is in the module, and after closing they return to where they left off in the module. In longer modules the first approach may force users to navigate back to the start of the module for help.  

The other approach I have used is that I have created Adobe Captivate movies of various Presenter functions/activities such as navigating the table of contents (views,search), using tabs, navigation controls, etc.