Product release function roadmap

Apr 02, 2015

Is there any visibility of new features that are being worked on for the next release of Presenter 13.

Two functions I am really interested in are:

1.  Support of Powerpoint customised bullets - this is a nightmare for maintenance purposes as the limitation is the basic 6 bullets in ppt which if you use completely undermines credibility with clients as they think you have poor design skills or that you are using a basic ppt tool which reduces the value of our services and prices.  So we (and I am sure many Studio users) have to manually enter images over  the top of the basic powerpoint bullets each time


2. Articulate Online is a relatively expensive LMS solution but is valuable for demos and proof of concepts etc.  But it does not support offline viewing for Studio (if I have read the blog correctly).  This means if you have a member of staff in the client organisation supporting the use of eLearning etc they need internet access at meetings etc etc and not all staff are allowed to log on to their company networks with ipads and androids which reduces the demo.


It would be good to know the roadmap of features planned for next releases etc






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