New version of Articulate Studio

Oct 07, 2015

I am wondering if there is any roadmap for Articulate Studio and if there will be a new version release anytime in the near future?  I'm not looking for release dates, just a general timeframe.  Thank you.

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Jeremy Shultz

I wasn't looking for dates or anything just IF there will ever be a new one or if Storyline is the direction that is being taken. I understand the whole release of information for prior to the 2013 version release, but some information would be nice for your loyal customers. If not, we may need to go another direction for software, but don't really want to.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeremy,

I don't see Studio going away anytime soon - as Storyline and Studio are both different products and work for different groups of people. For example, Engage has the pre-built interactions and it's easy to set that up and be off and running creating amazing content right away. Could you create the same thing in Storyline? Sure - but it would involve more customization and an understanding of the triggers, variables, etc. used to make that work. So depending on an individuals needs and skill set, one product may suit their needs better than another. 

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