Facing problem to refresh the knowledge check question in Articulate Studio 13

Jan 22, 2015


We have developed a learning course in Articulate 13 where we have some Knowledge Check questions having no score. These screens are part of the PPT presentation with content screens. We have also provided Submit button on the knowledge check questions.

On clicking the submit button the user gets correct/incorrect feedback. If the user moves to next slide or previous slide from this screen and come back to the knowledge check screen the earlier selection of options remains as is. I wanted to know why the screen is not refreshed and is there any way to do so.

Thanks in advance


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Anil Bhat


No you are talking about assessment, as I have mentioned it is a knowledge
check question slides having no score, these questions should get refreshed
as other slides in the presenter if the user comes back to this screen.

For assessment I know from result screen we can refresh assessment.


Anil Bhat

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anil,

Have you created the knowledge check in Engage or Quizmaker to insert into Presenter? Are you seeing this while previewing your course, in the published version or both? If you're only seeing this while previewing can you confirm you're working on local project files as described here and then testing the published output within the intended environment? If you're still having difficulty after looking into those, please share a Presenter package with us here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

As an update to this thread I wanted to share that in previous versions of Articulate Presenter, the resume behavior was partly controlled by the Presenter player and partly controlled by embedded quizzes and interactions. But with the new unified player in Articulate Studio '13, the Presenter player controls resume behavior for the entire course, including embedded content. See this article for details.

In line with this, it is not possible to reset the quiz or interaction that is embedded in a presentation on the same session.  It will only reset based on the resume behavior of the Presenter player for the next session.

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