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Kendra Kernen

Hi Phil. It's not an ideal situation, I know. Perhaps you or someone has an idea how I could avoid this. I thought about breaking up the course into sections, but it's important that the learner can search the entire course, review quizzes, and easily refer back to topics. Is there a way to link separate Presenter courses into one so it can be accessed through one entry in our LMS?

Thanks for your response.

Kendra Kernen

Hi Ashley. I'm always open to suggestions, but half of our courses will be this large (or larger) when we convert them from PDFs; I'm not sure fixing the problem on this one course will preclude the same or additional problems with future conversions. With this latest issue, I'm afraid that maybe Articulate Studio isn't the right application for us to use.

Thank you for your response.

Shyam Saha

Hi Kendra,

Handling 417 slide project in Studio will be a difficult one.

There is workaround which I have used once, and I hope this can help you here to publish your work in a single file. Just a note: This will require a little copy paste of codes from the AP packages. Caution: Not supported by Articulate

Here is the process:

Split your work file. Say I have 12 screens. I will split them in 3 PPTs like this:

  • PPT 1 : Screen 1-4 (Original Content) ; Screen 5-12 (blank screens)
  • PPT 2 : Screen 1-4 (blank screens) ; Screen 5-8 (Original Content) ; Screen 8-12 (blank screens)
  • PPT 3 : Screen 1-8 (blank screens) ; Screen 8-12 (Original screens)

Publish them. Now some copy paste from files.

In presentation .xml

Open the folder for part 2 > Go to data > presentation.xml > Search for slide 5 > Copy the code from 5 till 8 and then paste it in the presentation.xml file available in the part 1. Note: Paste only in the same place such that slide 5 to 8 properties get replaced.

Same you have to do for part 3. Copy from part 3 to part 1 file.

In SWF files:

Copy swf files slide 5-8 (from part 1)  & swf files slide 8-12 (from part 3)

Paste them in part 1.


Part 1 becomes your master file with all in one.


I know it's a little tedious process. But, this I guess, is the only work around at this situation and will work for any number of files in future as well.

Hope this helps.

Kendra Kernen

Hello all,

Thanks for all the suggestions and feedback regarding my issue. Shyam, I admire your tenacity and creativity in coming up with that workaround! However, after lengthy internal discussion and re-evaluation, we're going to abandon using Articulate going forward. Although we already have several courses converted to Presenter and incorporating Quizmaker and Engage files, there's just not enough flexibility with Studio for what we want to accomplish. It's a great program for scenarios, quizzes and gaming, but we can't seem to shoehorn our content into its structure. I'm sure we'll have another use for it eventually. Keep up the good work, everyone!