Studio 360 File size limits?

Apr 26, 2019

I'm working on a Studio file that is 182 slides long, with narration and embedded videos. The last time I tried working with such a large file, things did not go well, and I would up breaking the presentation into four separate modules.

Is there a file size limit for Studio presentation? Or a recommended maximum number of slides/MB?

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Phil Mayor

You can import via the file menu (I would spend sometime to get the aspect ratio right first). I rarely import a PPT (only ever do it for tables). But I have recently done a lot of importing from PPT for a client. The default 16:9 slide size translates to 1280x720 and this gives best import (IMHO). The text can come in a bit odd and may need manually changing of the paragraph settings to multiple 1.2. A lot of things that are grouped will come over as images, so it may help to ungroup before.

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