MP3 vs. WAV

Aug 17, 2012

Hi I have reviewed the current posts but would appreciate inputs on this prespective.

I have been asked to create a presentation with one hour of voice edited over 60 slides - wresulting in some potentially very large voice files. This presentation will be distributed over a range of bandwidths so I want to keep the published file size as low as possible.

I am using a professional voice studio.

I can request the 'best' - WAV 44khz 16 bit BUT, can I get away with a high quality Flash compatible MP3 - primarily to keep the published file size as low as possible?

I will not be editing the files or converting them back and forth between mp3/wav. I read that more people are using mp3 - what's the risk if I can request quality Flash compatible mp3's?

Thanks everyone.

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