Okay to use .mp3 in large course?

Apr 25, 2011

Hi - I've always used the recommended .wav file format for my courses, but now I am working with a particularly large course and we're thinking of using smaller .mp3 files. However, my support search led me to this blurb:

Importing MP3 files is not recommended because the MP3 file will ultimately be converted to WAV and then back to MP3. This can result in a loss of quality ...
However, when I clicked the link, I did not see the extended explanation of why not to use .mp3. Anyone have any insight into this? Would it be okay to use .mp3 if we follow the specs for .mp3s? Thanks!!
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Dwayne Schamp

I found these two older threads:



I have always used wave file in my courses, then set the quality via the Aritculate bit rate settings.

The last course I had, the wav files alone, before publish, were 144 MB. Post publish course size, full course, was down to 32. So the compression is quite good. I would stick with wavs as the initial quality is better.

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