Cannot publish in Presenter, Error: Could not load file 'could not load the file presentation_context/data.xml'

Apr 24, 2017

I have a Presenter file I am trying to publish for web, but something is not working right! I am on Windows 10, using Articulate Studio '13, and I have been able to publish other presentations since this problem arose. I'm working from the same local file and I have not made any updates to my fact when this presentation first failed to publish, I set it aside and successfully published different presentation.

I don't think anything is wrong with my program installation, rather it seems like there is something in this particular slide deck that is causing the issue. 

Per other forum responses, I've tried to "reuse" the slides in a new presentation and import my audio to no avail. I am able to work on the file and the only error message I get anywhere is in the Player window; the preview area is blank and I get this message: "Error: could not load the file 'presentation_context/data.xml'" instead. When I try to publish, all 61/61 slides are generated before the note pops up that Articulate has stopped working. 

Any ideas???

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Coming back to record the solution for myself & anyone else encountering a similar issue:

I sent the package off to Articulate support and they found that a certain character was preventing the presentation from publishing. In that case, it was a beta symbol. I replaced the text character with an image and published without trouble. 

Just today, I had another presentation that was acting a lot like the one I sent off to Articulate support. I had to look up my previous e-mail chains with support to remember what the issue had been back in April... There were no Greek characters, so I went through and previewed every slide (in sets of 3) to identify the one slide that was causing the glitch. This time it was an arrow! I switched out the arrow character for a shape and just successfully published! 

I hope this helps someone else out. 

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