Presenter not accepting Quiz & Engage

May 18, 2015

When I try to open Quizmaker or Engage form my Articulate tab I get and error message that "Articulate Presetner IPC could not be loaded." Likewise, when I try to publish a Quiz form Quizmaker to a presentation I receive an error message as follows, "Unable to publish to Presenter. Please be sure you have Articulate Presenter '13 or later installed."

I was able to publish an Engage item to presenter last week. How can I correct these problems?

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Kyle Conroy

Good Morning Leslie. I appreciate your reponse, but I did happen to find this late yesterday afternoon by clicking on the "Learn More" link on the error message - after trying many times myself to figure it out. It was really quite simple; it waas in fact the "The Articulate Add-In for PowerPoint Is Disabled" instructions which led me to correct the problem. Thanks again - Kyle

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