Problems editing/inserting quizmaker into Presenter

Oct 15, 2013

I've been having a lot of problems using Quizmaker and Presenter 13 together.  Previously, with 09, I had used learning games, but now I am having to go back through all the presentations I upgrade to 13 and create new questions using quizmaker.  

Quizmaker works fine on it's own, but when I work in Presenter to edit or add a quiz, my presenter stalls up.  When I click on the quizmaker icon within presenter, only player tabs and sometimes engage will come up on the left hand side and it never inserts the quiz directly into the course.  I have to re-open quizmaker with the right quiz separately and then publish it to the presentation.  For some reason, it will not do this when I click on edit after I've opened it via presenter.  I've also changed a couple of the quiz titles, but they keep reverting back to the old ones.  Once I start using quizmaker in a presentation, when I try to edit the player or select publish, it gives me a message box asking me to report the error to articulate (which I've done about 100 times so far.  

I use to have my files on an external drive and recently moved them to my hard drive and am still having these same issues.  I feel like it must be a problem with the way presenter and quizmaker are communicating.

Any ideas?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Julia, 

If you've previously had the files on a network or USB drive and move them into your local drive there still may have been corruption issues based on working with them originally on the network drive. Are you able to recreate these problems with new Presenter and new Quizmaker files that you created while working locally? If so, please connect with our Support team so that they can troubleshoot with you directly as I know from previous posts, you've likely already gone through the repair steps. 

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