Firefox not redirecting to HTML5 when Flash not installed

I noticed this morning when launching a lesson with the presentation.html file in Firefox that the javascript code wasn't redirecting me to the presentation_html5.html file. Instead, I received a gray page with an error message stating "This plugin is vulnerable and should be updated. Run Adobe Flash" with a Check for updates button. Has anyone seen this issue previously. What, if any, workarounds exist? 

The lesson I tried to launch was published using Studio '13. I'm not getting the error with lessons published with either Storyline 3 or a 360 product as of yet (I've just done limited testing so far). I'm using Firefox 60.9.0esr (32-bit) when getting the error to occur. Firefox isn't my normal browser, so I'm not sure how long this issue has been happening. I hadn't received any feedback messages on it until this morning.

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Andy Wood

Unfortunately, we have some 360 licenses, but not all of our instructors have them. So, it would be a little challenging to handle it that least in the short term.

Is it documented anywhere what "doesn't work" for HTML5 in Firefox for Studio '13 lessons? It would be easier for me to explain the situation to the person who reported the issue to me if I knew what didn't work. Otherwise, they will likely suggest just linking to the presentation_html5 file for any public-facing content. And if the content doesn't play properly in Firefox, that will just cause more frustrations down the line unless I can provide more specifics.