Font size in the Narration (CC) text changes on publishing

Feb 01, 2013


Noticed a strange issue while publishing my Articulate Presenter course on LMS. The font size of the narration (CC) text is not stable and changes every couple of slides. Have attached a screenshot to highlight the difference in font size.

Would appreciate if someone could provide their two cents on how to resolve this issue.


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Tess Richardson

I am having the exact same problem when publishing from Presenter '13 for the Web. The course is one that was created using '09. I have reformatted the notes in PowerPoint several times to no effect. I have even selected all notes for a slide, cut them, then used "paste special" to removed formatting, then reformatted.

After publishing and/or previewing in Presenter '13, my notes randomly change font size, just like Aarti shows above. Does not seem to be related to how much text is in each slide notes section.

Any ideas?

Jeff Schlaybach


Not sure if it is related but I see a similar issue in QuizMaker 2013 in  the font sizes for incorrect answers. The correct answers below the title "Incorrect" are often too tiny to read. An Articulate Cust Rep is already exploring this with me.

I will check some of my converted '09 Presenter projects in 2013 to see if the font size varies. I have notice that 2013 projects do not appear to follow the size that was used in the original as much more scrolling is required to view the notes.

Tess Richardson

Hi Jeff,

I may have a fix for your QuizMaker issue. Have you tried making another Feedback master with a larger incorrect answer box? (see below)  Apply the new master to lengthier correct or incorrect feedback. I'm not sure if this will solve your issue in QuizMaker '13, but it fixes the same (or similar) problem in Storyline quiz feedback.

I appreciate you checking out some of your '09 projects!


Jeff Schlaybach

Tess - That appears to be a fix for the issue I was seeing with Articulate '13.

I am in the process of trying out their latest update (4). I tried update 3 and all it did was crash for me. So far update 4 is working better and I can change the size of the quiz correct / incorrect feedback master as you suggested. I guess in the previous '09 version, this area resized as needed to fit any length of response which was more ideal.

Now if I could only figure out how to display the points per question as was available in the old player in '09.....

Jeff Schlaybach

I'd first like to just allow my students to see how many points each question is worth - it appears when they print out their results, so this information should be available for display. Perhaps some variable that I can add to a master template or something? This conversation should go to its own thread so I'll stop now, but thanks.

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