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Helen Tyson

Hi Tracie

It is worth noting that even following the steps Ashley mentions you may not see your videos completely full screen - i.e. edge to edge.

Articulate will scale your project but won't skew it. So if, for example, you are viewing your course on a widescreen device but your slides are not widescreen it will scale up as much as possible but you will still see gaps at the sides of your course. With the opposite happening for a widescreen course on a non-widescreen device.



Tracie Bosket

Thanks Ashley and Helen,

I went thought the steps. I am able to "fill" the screen on a "new window". But as I maximize the new window the Presenter content doesn't go with the resize, it stays in the middle of the maximized screen.

I am exporting the project to a SCORM 1.2 file. I then uploaded it onto our LMS as a zipped file. I also tried to export to "web", but same results.

Any advice?