Getting a course to resume at the last slide viewed

Our organization has posted some self-paced through our LMS using Articulate Presenter.  For certain users, when they go back into the course, the resume box would appearbut  the system does not allow the associate to resume at the last slide viewed.  Instead the video restarts at slide 1.

Initially, we did not select "When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie". Then when we noticed there were different problems with different self paced course, we began to examine the settings.  When unchecking both the "prompt to resume on presentation restart and "When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie" the reume box does not show up.  After checking both and trying again, the resume option does come up but when select Yes to resume then the courses does not resume at the last slide but goes back to the beginning.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Jennifer!

First things first, here's the link to reference on making sure the Resume function is enabled properly:

Once you've ensured that's as it should be and if your SCORM 1.2 presentation fails to resume correctly when viewed in a Learning Management System (LMS), the issue could be that the LMS is having trouble with the amount of resume (suspend) data that is being passed from the content to the LMS. Here's how to troubleshoot it:

Let me know if that's helpful, and good luck!

Doug Thom

I am having this same issue but on an erratic basis, nothing that I am able to duplicate, some students seem to have more problems than others.  I recommend that they use Mozilla Firefox as we have had the least problems with Firefox and download the latest flash player but I don't know how diligent they are in doing this.  I get emails from students saying that the LMS failed to return them to the last slide viewed although they exited per the LMS instructions. Should I uncheck the box 'When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie' as kind of a back up to the LMS system?  Is there a cookie stored on the users computer for every scorm? Sometimes students will work on a machine at work but then wish to continue on a different machine. I assume this would require the LMS stored information to function but a backup would be useful.  Is that how the flash cookie would function or are the two systems mutually exclusive?

Peter Anderson

Hey Doug!

Flash cookies get stored to the local computer, so I don't think that would be the solution for students using various machines. If you're able, we'd be happy to take a look at your course and see what's up, provided you can give us access to your LMS. You can open a ticket here, and just include the login info in the comment section. 


Doug Thom

Thanks for the quick reply Peter.  I would like all the fail safes that I can muster in my courses as this has been a real nightmare. Is there any problem with using both the flash cookie and the lms as most of my students use one machine. I understand that won't help those who use more than one machine. I have not been able to pin the problem to a particular course and some students have no problems at all and others have considerable problems which makes me think that there may be something in the web browser/flash player config on some machines.

Justin Wilcox

Hi Doug. If content is in an LMS, you should not use a Flash cookie, especially on computers where more than one person accesses the course. The symptom you are describing sounds like it could be a SCORM 1.2 suspend data limitation as noted in the article that Peter alluded to. If that was the case, there are troubleshooting steps you can take in the article to resolve the issue.