Getting Credit for a Course with No Quiz

Jun 13, 2012

This may be silly, as I'm probably just over-looking something obvious, but I'm having trouble after publishing a simple course with no quiz (or engage session or anything extra) registering in our LMS system as being finished/completed.  In other words, when someone takes the course, and goes through all the slides, how do I get the system to give that person credit for finishing it without a quiz?  Is this something I can fix via publishing in articulate, or is it our LMS?

Appreciate any thoughts,


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Mayank Singh


I also have almost same query as Brooke asked above.

I need to reveal a last "Completion Certificate" slide when a user must viewed the entire course.

Is there anyway that I can hide a certificate slide in such a way that any user is forced to view every

slide or frame in the whole course?

There should be no way to access that certificate slide without viewing or with skipping any slide in the course?

It would be highly appreciable if anyone suggests idea to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.

Peter Anderson

Hi Guys!


From the LMS publish screen, you can click on Reporting and Tracking, and then configure your options as shown below, or however you prefer:

Is that what you're hoping to do? Let us know...

And @Mayank-

It sounds like one option for you would be to lock or restrict your course's navigation so that the user is forced to view each slide. You can then build your "Completion Certificate" slide and hide it in the outline tab and branch to it after the last slide has been viewed.   

Hope that's helpful!

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