Getting video embedded in web object to center

Sep 15, 2011

I have a video that I produced using Camtasia embedded in an HTML page that I am displaying as a web object in Articulate Presenter. The video is a fixed size and is centered horizontally at the top of its HTML page.  It appears to fill the slide content area, when the window that displays the Articulate Presentation is opened at its standard size.

However, when this re-sizable window  is made larger, the video moves to the top of the content area, because it is a fixed size. So there is a large white space beneath it.

I'm fairly sure that it is not possible to re-size the video when the window size is changed.

My question is-- is there a way to get the video to always center vertically within the web object when the Articulate Presentation window is re-sized?  I'm guessing it would involve some kind of coding within the HTML file that contains the video, but not sure what.

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Cyrelle Gerson


Just wanted to let you know that I did find a suggestion on the Internet for using div tags and style parameters that worked at getting the video object to center vertically when tested with Firefox and Google Chrome, but did not work in Presenter.

I assume that Presenter uses its own kind of internal browser that possible doesn't support every CSS feature?? Or perhaps, the web object stays one size and does not actually fill the screen when the player is made larger.

I wanted to use the Camtasia video controls and closed captioning with the video, so that's why I used a web object. But I may see if there's a way to put the whole thing into a Flash file to put on the slide.

Just some thoughts.

Jerry Meyer

Cyrelle. I am attempting to link a Camtasia video (converted to MP4) using Articulate's Web Object function. I put the MP4 into its own SharePoint folder on our corporate server. Then, I copied the address of that folder (http:// ...) into the Web Object window in Articulate. When the Articulate presentation is published, the video doesn't play. I think the part I don't understand is what's advised in an Articulate tutorial: "..the folder must contain a file called 'Index.htm' or 'Index.html".  Can you shed some light on what this file contains?

Cyrelle Gerson

Jerry,  It has been a while since I did this, so I may not remember all of the steps exactly.  You need to publish your video so that it is embedded in a web page. Using that setting will cause Camtasia to create an HTML page with code and other files necessary to display your video in the web page. You can then use the Articulate web object to display that web page (HTML file) in your Articulate presentation.  I think that Articulate copies the HTML file to the correct directory when you publish the presentation.  You may need to copy the rest of the association Camtasia file to the correct published directory manually.  Here's the URL of a Screenr that I did on this a few months back

If you just want to show the MP4 file in Articulate Presenter, use the insert Flash file function on the Articulate ribbon to do this.  Do NOT put the MP4 file on Sharepoint first. Locate it in a folder with your other course assets. When you publish the Articulate presentation, Articulate will copy the file to the correct location for your Articulate presentation.

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