Grudgingly may have to upgrade from v5

Mar 27, 2012

We currently use Presenter Pro v5 to publish webcasts for one of our nonprofit clients. The SMEs create education in PowerPoint and narrate it PowerPoint, then send it to our HQ offices to be formatted and published as Presenter files. They don't save separate audio files; they simply record the narration directly in PowerPoint and Presenter v5 picks that up just fine and publishes it correctly. It's great.

Now, however, they want to add assessment questions to the end of their webcasts, so they've asked me to look into getting Quizmaker. And I see that, unfortunately, Quizmaker '09 does not play nice with Presenter v5, which means we'd have to upgrade Presenter as well. The last time I ran a trial of an updated version of Presenter, it no longer picked up the audio recorded in PPT files when it published. I was told we'd have to extract the audio files and then use Presenter's import audio function to match them back up to the slides, which is a HUGE inconvenience and an added expense for a nonprofit. I jumped through fire to get back to our old version.

What can I do here? Is there really no other option besides upgrading Presenter and then doing the tedious (and to my nonprofit client, expensive) work of extracting the audio files from PPT and then re-syncing them to the slides in Presenter? Or is there some workaround that will allow Presenter '09 to automatically pick up the embedded audio in PPT? Or maybe, can I buy an old version of Quizmaker that WILL be compatible with Presenter v5? If someone can give me an efficient and cost-effective solution, I would greatly greatly greatly appreciate it!

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Justin Wilcox

Hi Jennifer and welcome to Heroes! Articulate Presenter '09 supports the same method of recording audio directly in PowerPoint as Presenter 5 which is via SlideShow -> Record Narration. If you have already published your presentation in Presenter 5, '09 will upgrade the project and include any audio that was previously recorded.

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