Having problem with "conditional" navigation

Jan 17, 2014

Recently converted a course built in 09 to 13 and have the navigation conditions set the same for when the user fails the final quiz but it isn't working correctly in 13. Here's the setup of the last 4 slides in the course:

Slide 38 - Final Quiz

Slide 39 - Overview (failed quiz)

Slide 40 - Success (passed quiz)

Slide 41 - Certificate of Completion

The way the navigation is supposed to work if user passes quiz:

  1. The Next button on the Final Quiz (38) takes the user to the Success slide (40). The user can then navigate to Slide 41.

The way the navigation is supposed to work if user fails quiz:

  1. Can retry quiz by clicking the appropriate button
  2. Can click the Finish button, which directs the user to the Overview slide (39)
  3. From Slide 39, the user can click either a link on the slide or the Next button to navigate to the beginning of the course (Slide 4)
  4. If users opt to go to the beginning of the course and again have access to the Menu links, they still are prevented from access Slides 40 and 41 if they click on those slide links in the Menu since they haven't passed the quiz.

The problem is, when the Final Quiz property User May View Slides After Quiz is set to After Passing Quiz, the user can't leave the quiz and advance to Slide 39 - Overview. This is how that set in the 09 copy of the course, and the user is able to leave the quiz.

If I change the Final Quiz property User May View Slides After Quiz to After Completing the Quiz, then if users opts to go back to the beginning of the course to review, they can now access Slides 40 and 41 by clicking on the slide links in the Menu despite not having passed the Final Quiz.

I can't figure out how to keep the users from accessing accessing those last 2 slides (40-41) if they fail the quiz and then go back and review the course material. They should never be able to access Slides 40 and 41 until they've passed the Final Quiz. I'm not sure if there's something I missed with the settings.

I'm using Presenter 13 (Update 1) with PowerPoint 2010 (Version 14.0.7106.5003/32-bit).

Some screenshots of the quiz settings and slide properties

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Tim Danner

Not sure I follow. The branching, from what I can tell, is set up to do what it's supposed to do. And it works with the navigation buttons, but it doesn't work with the Menu links after users fail the quiz and navigate back to the beginning of the course. In the 09 version of the course, when the users clicked the links for slides 40 or 41, they would get prompted with a message that they hadn't passed the quiz and couldn't access those slides. This behavior isn't happening in the 13 version even though all the settings seem to be the same as the 09 course. I also need the Menu to be accessible if users go back to review the content after failing the quiz.

Leslie McKerchie

Perhaps you misunderstood me Tim.

I did not mean that you needed to hide the menu, just perhaps the slide that you did not want your learners to be able to manually navigate to.

Hiding items from the menu

Want to hide a slide title from the menu? Just select the slide title in the menu, and click the Remove from menu button (the eye icon) below the menu. Hidden slide titles become italicized here in the menu editor, so it's easy to see at a glance which slides have been hidden. Slides you hide in the menu will still be part of your course; their titles just won't appear in the menu.

You can read more about that here.

Tim Danner

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll have to keep that one in mind.

I ended up going back to the copy of the converted file before we started making some minor alterations. The navigation at the end worked fine with that copy, so I just redid my changes on that one. Had the same issue in our other courses, but I resolved them by just chucking the "Overview/Fail" slide, which really wasn't needed, and used the Final Quiz Results page as the trigger to go back and review the content following a failed quiz.

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