HELP! Typo found; need to make one correction; hard drive crashed

Feb 27, 2012

All - I know there has to be a way to fix this but I can't remember how.  I have an Engage interaction that was put into my PowerPoint.  Last week my computer crashed, hard drive sector problem, cannot retrieve my PowerPoint file that was used to publish the course.  Now I need to make the correction as this is already published to the LMS and went live.  Suggestions?  Thanks much!

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Phil Mayor

Engage is easier, if you open the data/swf folder and see the engage folders open these find the one you need to change open the engage_content folder for that interaction and open the data.xml file (something like dreamweaver, notepad plus will make it easier to see)  Do a find and replace for your typo, save and all is done

Michael Sellers

I hope this helps, if not i know someone here can help you out.

If it's only a text correction and you can get the zip file from your LMS, you can download it and dig down to the engage_content folder>data. Open that in Notepad, make changes and save (.xml) then rezip and upload. I've had to do it before.

If it's graphics and/or a complete rebuild, it gets a little trickier. Rebuild engage interaction, publish for LMS. Then insert the new interaction data into the old engage_content data file in the pressentation you downloaded, re-zip.

It's not perfect, but i have had to do both...same harddrive situation.

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