Help! Users can bypass Presenter quiz despite restricted settings.

Feb 04, 2013

I had to make a small update to an existing Presenter course and now that I'm republishing I've run into a snag. I set the quiz permissions of the final course quiz to NOT let learners continue past it unless they pass the quiz. However, when I publish and test the course, users can skip right passed it. Why?!

It may be of note to mention that every time I reopen the Properties box on the Quizmaker/Presenter slide to check the settings, it resets the "User may view slides after quiz" setting to "Anytime." I think this may be the culprit. I don't know why it's happening, though. I reset it to say "After passing quiz" and then publish the course again, but the setting doesn't work. I've even deleted the slide altogether and reimported it. No dice.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Laura,

Yikes! That's a bit strange. Have you tried saving the quiz (in Quizmaker itself) as a new quiz, and inserting it again? 

Also, and I'm sure you've already checked this, but I always need to ask - are the presentation files on your local hard drive?

If you've confirmed the files are local and still see this when re-inserting the quiz as a new file, are you able to share the .QUIZ file here?


Laura Payette

Yep, tried doing a Save As and reinserting. Made no difference. Everything is local, yes. The one way I did get it to work is to go into the XML of the published file and change the setting manually. However, that's a workaround. Still not sure why it isn't working otherwise. I can share the file but would prefer not to do so in the forum. Should I submit a ticket/bug?

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