Help with Presenter on the iPad

Apr 09, 2014

Hi, my Company needs our employees to be able to access Articulate Presenter courses stored on our password-protected intranet on their iPads.  I tried publishing the content in html5 format and tested it in Safari on a 512 MB iPad (which is what a lot of our employees have) and it does not run. I understand that Tin Can can provide a solution for us, but we don't have an LMS.  Is it possible to use Tin Can without an LMS?  Can you point me to some instructions for the layperson?  I couldn't find any information on cost on their website, and this is also a huge concern for my company.  Any insight you could provide is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks!


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Gail Carmichael

Thanks, Leslie.  Unfortunately, I've already been through all of those basic steps.  I published as directed for the iPad, but my users are unable to use the mobile app since our files are stored on our intranet, which requires a username and password.  I also tried the option to publish to an LMS (even though we don't have one) in html5 format without checking "Use Articulate Mobile Player on iPad" box, and the files did not perform well in Safari.  I tried it with two separate Presenter files and neither got more than about 1/3 of the way through, and some of the graphics were not displaying properly.

Any suggestions or experience with these issues is appreciated, especially if anyone has used the Tin Can API.  I'm not a software developer, so you'll have to speak slowly and not use too many big words! 

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