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Jun 23, 2011

Hi I was wondering if someone could help me out with a few problems im having?

  1. I have my course set so that you cant jump forward slides but you can jump back. But when I try to jump back a message appears that says (please view all items on slide to continue). Is there a way to get rid of this and just go back when you want?
  2. Similar really to the previous, the seekbar is set so that you cant skip forward the audio in a slide. Is there a way that you cant skip forward but you can skip back, for example if you miss what the audio said, rather than having to redo the whole slide again?
  3. What does the 'allow resume' checkbox do in engage? 
  4. When I go back to an engage slide it is always at the end of the slide, e.g. if there are 8 tabs on a slide when I go back to it, its always at tab 8 rather than 1, this is confusing.

All of these are navigation issues really that restrict and confuse the people that ive tested the course on. I know I could make it all free so users can skip about all they want but we want people to take the course properly and listen to all the audio and not skip ahead. If any of these issues could be fixed it would be great. 



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Phil Mayor

Hi Dan

as far as resume in engage, it allows you to retrun to where you left off, so what you describe is working as expected.  You have viewed all the tabs so when you return it returns you to the last viewed tab

I will let others answer your other queries, to be honest most instructional designers will say you should allow free navigation in your courses, you cannot force people to learn and the more flexibility they have the more time they tend to spend on the elearning.

if they feel restricted it can very soon become a click next to continue mentality and true learning does not take place for this reason my courses are open.


Jeanette Brooks

Good morning gents! Dan, unfortunately the scrubbable seekbar is kind of all-or-nothing... if you go to Player Templates > Player Controls and mark "Allow user to seek within seekbar," they'll be able to scrub through both forward and backward. Having a back-only scrub option would make a good feature request.

If your narration on your slides is especially long, and you're worried about making people re-do entire slides if they miss some of the audio, you might consider leveraging the slide notes feature to provide a narration transcript. You can enable notes in your sidebar, or in a little Notes button at the bottom of your player. ... that way learners could always skim the notes if they need to review but don't want to listen to the whole slide again.

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