Articulate Presentations won't play beyond 8:48 if skipped ahead

Feb 22, 2012

This is a bizzare issue that apparently the students have been dealing with since 2007. If a slide in a presentation is > 8:48, if you try to skip ahead or go back within the 8:49-end time range the player says it is playing (as in, the pause button is visible), but makes no progress through the presentation or audio. We have tried it on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, everything.

Is this a common issue? Is there a way to fix it, beyond rerecording the audio to keep it under the 'magic' threshold?

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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Cory!

I know you mention the 8:48 mark, but I wonder if this is the same issue. Flash supports a maximum of 16,000 frames. At 30 frames per second (which is the default setting in Articulate software), that translates to 8 minutes and 53 seconds. 

This Adobe support document provides additional information on Flash limits.

If you change the "frames per second" setting in Articulate Presenter to 15, then you should be able to record up to 17 minutes of narration for a single slide. Here's a quick guide:

15 fps  >>  17:00

20 fps  >>  13:20

30 fps  >>  08:53

To change the "frames per second" setting for your presentation, please review the following article for your version of Presenter:

Presenter '09

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