How can I add an Exit button to pub'd course w/o source files?

Greetings. Have a situation where course owner would like to add the default course exit button via player in upper right corner of course window, however, the original course project files are not available. Is it possible to edit appropriate xml file(s) of the scorm output to have button appear? version = Presenter 5.2. Thanks.

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Colleen Brunner

Hi there,

I have not tested in Presenter 5.2 but my guess is that this particular feature will be the same as in Presenter '09 and it is easy to try:

  1. Open the published files and open the data folder.
  2. Open playerproperties.xml with Notepad.
  3. Do a search for /authorlink> and then paste the following code right after:



Save the file and then relaunch the course.