How can I play Articulate presentation as a DVD video?

Dec 28, 2010

My client wants to burn their presentation to a DVD, presumably so their employees can view the Articulate presentation through their home DVD players (the same way they would view a movie). Is this possible? 

Or can they only view it on their PCs? If so, I'd publish to a CD instead of to a DVD. Thank you!

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David Anderson

Hi. Articulate software cannot create DVD video.

However, there are a couple of possible workarounds:

  • Use a tool like Camtasia to perform a screen recording of the Articulate presentation while it's playing. You can save the recording in a file format like AVI and bring it over to a video editing/DVD authoring package to create a DVD compliant with home DVD players.
  • Use a PPT-to-DVD tool that directly converts PowerPoint for DVD usage. But this solution typically leverages the features of PowerPoint and not Articulate (such as audio, synced animations and inserted Flash files). If you go this route, you'll likely need to do some retrofitting to get the presentation to convert properly.
David Anderson

Chris Norton said:

Thanks a million David. The only problem with using Camtasia or PPT>DVD is that I think the learners would lose the Articulate features...navigation, attachments, hyperlinks. But I will definitely keep these ideas in mind for projects that just run without needing interaction. Thank you sir!

Absolutely Chris. The downside of DVD video is that it's view only and is void of interactivity (other than creating a custom DVD menu). It's really a question of priorities between max compatibility and interactivty. But if home DVD players are a desired destination, the suggestions should do the trick.

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