How do you handle completions with non-linear non-scoring courses?

I need to figure out a reliable way to do this because if a course:

- is devoid of any quiz elements or the need for capturing a score

- is totally free and includes lots of branching

... then how do you report their successful completion to the LMS?

I know you can request X slides out of the total to be viewed, but this doesn't appear to be an accurate guarantee if:

- course has an optional Getting Started or Introduction section at the beginning which is say 5 slides

- course has several slides that are static duplicates of animated slides (there is a design requirement around this)

There's a chance the learner won't visit any of the above but might see every other slide.  But how do you account for that against someone who does visit all of those but misses out the same number in the rest of the course?  

Some might argue that there's no need for marking a completion, but from a client's perspective they like to know who HAS so they can update their HR system and give them access to other materials.

If it's a case of redesigning the nav then that could be tricky because the idea is to encourage the learner to dip in and out of what they want to learn.

On a similar note, I used to use another tool that had a "Send Completion" object.  You could embed this into any slide and it would send completion to the LMS once reached.  This way, you could have multiple branches (or finish points) and use as many of these objects as you needed.  Could Articulate ever have something like this?


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Steve Flowers

I've used a quizmaker component for this in the past. It is essentially a question with a single response that is always correct.

Are you finished with the orientation? Mark the checkbox below and click submit to record your completion.

[] I'm finished with the orientation and I'd like to mark it complete.



Thank you for completing the orientation. Your completion has been recorded. Have a fine day fellow citizen!

Or something like that :P This way you have a quiz component that isn't really a quiz component but always scores as 100%. Since there is only one choice, it's impossible to fail the quiz. This has worked for us with optional entry elements - we just include the self certify question. Works like a charm.

Joe Deegan

Hey Guys,

I think the "Mark Complete" widget over at eLearning enhanced will do what you are looking for.  Place it on any slide(s) and when the user reaches that slide it will mark it complete.  I use it with Moodle and it works great.  I've had trouble tracking slide views accurately so I use this instead and have been very happy with it.