How to copy over a client's template info...

Sorry, I have asked this before but the situation has changed slightly - yet I am still at a loss as to what to do!

I have two Articulate modules on my PC. Both have been published to my PC. On one, I can see when I go to publish the correct Player template and logo.

In the other, I can't. I know I need to copy over some files but I have no idea which files will help the Player Template appear when I publish.

Can someone advise, please?

Thanks so much

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Rachel Clegg


Thanks for this but we're still stuck!

My colleague sent me her module (the complete package) and I published it on my computer. In the drop down player info, I can see logo and colour template, but when I look in the C Drive, as identified above, I can't see it. I asked my colleague to search her directories, as per advice above, and she only comes across pages of presenter.xml info.

So, my question is - what are we looking for? What file names?

We have no idea what we're supposed to be searching for.

Thanks a lot


Minh-Triet Nguyen

So let's say you have Project A and Project B.  Project A has the right player template, which you want to use on Project B. 

Open Project A in PowerPoint.  Open the Publish screen (but don't publish it). 

Click on the 3-dotted button to the right of the Player Templates field.

The player template window should open with all the correct settings from Project A. 

At the bottom of the screen, click File > Save As and give it a name.  This will save the good template locally to your hard drive.

Close Project A, then Open Project B.

You should be able to select your newly saved template when you publish Project B.

Rachel Clegg

Er, actually not quite complete.


I've got the client template, it's all in the Player Templates and I've published. Most of it looks good - except that in the surround of the engage interactions (e.g. FAQ screen, the blue around the main white area) is still should have been altered, no? On my colleague's intereactions, hers are green (to match the template).

I'm sorry. I'm not usually so obtuse about technology but this is baffling me.


Minh-Triet Nguyen

Hopefully, your colleague used one of the preset color schemes in Engage (there are many).  Going with my previous example, if you open Project A, then edit one of its Engage Interactions, there's a Colors button in the menu ribbon.  When you click on the Colors button, the drop-down menu will highlight color scheme that is currently selected.  

If the highlighted color is in the lower "Schemes"  or "Legacy Schemes" section of the drop-down, then all you have to do is select that same preset scheme in Project B's Engage interactions.

If the highlighted color is in the "Custom Schemes" section, then you've got a little bit of work.  In that case:

  1. If you have multiple Engage interactions each with unique color schemes, then you'd have to repeat these steps for each.
  2. (Assuming you have published Project A locally) Navigate to the output folder of Project A/data/swf/engage_XXX/engage_content.  The XXX will actually be a number, but I don't know what yours will be.  
  3. You should see a scheme.xml file.  Right-click on it and Edit with Notepad.
  4. There should be some text that says where the file was originally called and where it was placed within your colleagues PC. On my Windows XP machine, it looks something like: C:\Documents and Settings\a768124\Application Data\Articulate\Engage\2.0\schemes\80 Percent Fuschia.xml
  5. All you have to do now is copy the scheme.xml file to your PC C:\Documents and Settings\XXXXXX\Application Data\Articulate\Engage\2.0\schemes (replace the bolded XXXXXX with your ID), then rename it to from scheme.xml to whatever it was originally my case, Fuschia.xml
  6. Your new custom scheme should be available for future projects.