How to un-boring drug and alcohol training

Jul 24, 2013


I have to jazz up our drug and alcohol management online training package. I am looking for any great links, ideas, graphics etc for this project.  I want to be able to engage and pass along (yes, it is more of an information pkg than a training pkg) the important details.  Any suggestions, thoughts, well wishes would be greatly appreciated.

background: air traffic control and aerodrome fire fighting workplace. Many technical type personalities. Use articulate for design work.  Still resistant to online training, mainly due to several long and boring mandated previously...time for a paradigm shift!

cheers (in advance)

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Bruce Graham

Hi AJ.

Welcome to the Heroes Community.

Perhaps start by going down the "What can happen if you get it wrong" route?

1 glass before going into the tower leads to ---> x% impairment --> what?

1 bottle of wine the night before leads to x% impairment upto x hours later --> things fall from the skies etc.

Sure you will get other ideas.

Once again a warm welcome.


PS - do it as an interactive infographic?

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