HTML5 sound on iPad (Safari) not working

Mar 20, 2014

I have been successfully using the HTML5 published presentations on the iPad using Articulate Presenter '13.  Video and sound have been good.  However, now, it appears that I have just lost the sound on all of my published presentations using Safari (and no, the sound isn't muted).  I don't know if this is directly related to a recent OS update I made or not.  I haven't updated my iPhone4 OS as of yet and the presentations play fine.  They do play fine (audio and video) on the Google Chrome app on the iPad.   Any chance there's someone else experiencing this problem on the iPad?   

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Scott Dennstaedt

Well, I believe I "solved" the sound issue.  Strange one for sure.   Given that my iPhone was working fine, I started to play around with the obvious.  There's a side switch on the iPad that can be set in the General Settings to lock the rotation or act as a mute.  Of course, the sound was playing just fine while using the Google Chrome app and I could I could adjust the volume with the rocker switch.  So, I decided to flip the side switch (located next to the volume rocker switch) that sets the ringer on or off.  I replayed the presentation on the iPad and the sound was back for all of my presentations in Safari.  Not sure if Safari got into a weird state, but certainly food for thought if anyone else has this issue. 

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